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What is access control?

Access control limits access to campuses, buildings, rooms, and physical IT assets. Have you ever seen an employee swipe their badge or a key card in order to unlock a door? This is a simple example of access control. Access control can be used to control entrance access to a building or from going room to room.

What is included in an access control system?

Access control systems can be customized to match your exact needs. This includes card readers, access cards/badges,video doorbells, door magnets, and even motion sensors. Each system can be programmed to include over 100 cards/badges and even programmed to be open for a set period of time during the week.

The hardware

Card Readers

Access Control Card Reader Let’s start with the card readers. This HID reader combines multiple configuration options with an attractive inconspicuous design that comes at an economical cost. These card readers are powered through a simple two wire connection and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These card readers are compatible with the market’s most popular proximity cards. They come with multiple covers of different colors to suit your aesthetic needs.

Video Doorbells

front-doorA video camera and an intercom, this series of video doorbell conveniently identifies visitors at locked doors. These doorbells come with an inside station that allows you to converse with the person at the door and buzz them in. These stations feature easy to use touch buttons and a large 7″ video screen.

Door Magnets

Access Control Door Magnet

The magnets we use come enclosed in a steel frame and can be used on security doors, gates, and other areas additional security is desired. These maglocks create an extremely powerful magnetic bond to ensure security without emitting any residual magnetism that could adversely affect other components of the door.


Motion Sensors

door-magnetThese motion sensors offer basic and full-featured models to suit every access control situation. These quick install sensors are extremely flexible and contain built-in internal “tamper proof” shutters to enable precise target area detection. They are built to de-magnify a maglock when it senses a person approaching a door from the inside, headed out of the door. This motion sensor means there is no need to swipe your way out making it easier to get around.



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