LT Security Platinum Fixed Lens Camera

GreenLink Technologies Inc. camera of choice

LT Security platinum fixed lens camera This week’s blog post is intended to highlight our number one surveillance camera of choice. The LT Security Platinum Fixed Lens Camera, is an incredibly affordable option when putting together your brand new video surveillance system.

This camera has stunning 4.1 megapixel video quality, with a built in microphone, and a tamper proof design. Complete with infrared sensors that see as well in the dark as during the day, this camera has a motion sensor that activates the camera’s recording function.

Pair the LT Security Platinum fixed camera with one of our latest and greatest NVR devices  to store recorded video, your home will be secured and monitored 24/7 and your new system will be the envy of the neighborhood. Not only will your property be secure, but you can monitor your cameras anytime you want. Our experienced technicians will walk you through the process of downloading the camera viewing application to your phone, and teach you how view your surveillance system remotely.

Swing by our Video Surveillance page to learn more and see examples of our cameras in action. You may also stop by our Recent Works page for an example of what your finished system will look like.

Give us a call today to discuss your video surveillance needs and we will be more than happy to help you put together the video surveillance package that is perfect for you.



GreenLink and security technology

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 7000 Control Panel

lynx touch 7000 This week’s blog is intended to highlight and inform you about Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 7000 Control Panel. This is the latest and greatest to come from Honeywell as of late.

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 7000 control system features a bright, 7″ full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features on-screen video, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control.

This panel comes complete with a Connect app that provides consumers with the ability to use an iOS or Android™ device to view video and operate the                                                                                                            system on or off the premises.

Looking to automate your home? The Z-Wave connectivity module lets installers integrate security, lighting, thermostats, water valves and more – for local and remote control. With Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services, users can control security, thermostats, lighting, locks, receive alerts and more from most smartphones, tablets and computers.

Let GreenLink fill your house with music

Get your whole home audio system

whole home audio

Want to take your music experience to the next level? Of course you do. Then give GreenLink Technologies Inc. a call. We would love to discuss the installation of a new whole home audio system. By whole home, we do mean inside AND out. Relax by the pool or work in your garden while listening to all of your favorite tunes; then step back inside without missing a beat.

With a wide variety of speakers and audio receivers we will help you build the winning combination. Speakers may be mounted to the exterior of your walls or we can even install them within the wall for a more sleek and modern look. We can also equip you with volume knobs in every room guaranteeing that you are fully equipped.



Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have!

Home Construction

Looking to start the construction of your brand new home?

Lately, we have seen a boom in construction of new houses. In this post we wanted to discuss your options when it comes to building your new home. When planning the construction of your new home, there are plenty of tough decisions to make.  The easiest of these decisions is hiring GreenLink Technologies to install a state of the art security, surveillance, and home theater system. We have had the great pleasure of working with general contractors to provide these services to new home owners. Being able to start the installation process at the beginning of construction guarantees all of our wiring and cable is hidden within the walls and ceiling resulting in a polished and clean final product.

Securing your new home with GreenLink

GreenLink security technology:

You are realizing your dream of not only owning your own home, but having it custom built. After all the planning and the money that you have invested why not protect your new home? GreenLink Technologies has a large number of security technology to choose from including; motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts, and state of the art control panels that are capable of syncing to a phone app.

Learn more about our security technology by reading our blog post on the subject.

GreenLink video surveillance:

Now that you have the interior of your home secured, let’s discuss a state of the art video surveillance system. With cameras capable of digital zoom and motion activated recording that can be uploaded directly to cloud storage, no potential thief is safe from prosecution. Add to this the fact, all of our security cameras can be viewed on any internet connected device, you can have piece of mind no matter where you are. Make your home the safest in the neighborhood by combining home security technology with a new video surveillance system.

Learn more about our video surveillance equipment by reading our blog post on the subject.

Getting the most out of your sound system

GreenLink whole home audio systems:

The construction of your new home is the perfect time to have GreenLink install a brand new whole home audio system to enhance your television viewing experience. We have a multitude of speaker options to place in your new home, whether you want a free standing system or speakers that mount inside of the walls themselves, you can’t go wrong. We also have out door speakers for enjoying the outdoors while rocking out to your favorite artists. We also take the initiative to couple these systems with an audio receiver/amplifier that will make your home theater the talk of the neighborhood!

Learn more about our distributed audio system by reading our blog post on the subject.

Ready to build your new home?

GreenLink is happy to work with any construction company you plan on using for the construction of your new home.  Now that you know your new home can be secured, surveilled by top notch security cameras, and equipped with a sound system to make your neighbor’s jaw drop, all that is left is to give us a call! Skilled technicians are available to take your call and answer any questions you might still have.

Home Security Equipment

GreenLink and home security

In one of our earlier blogs, we talk about planning your home security system, and it would be silly not to discuss the technology that we use to help secure your home. To begin with, we wholeheartedly believe in the quality of products that come from Honeywell. From glass break sensors to control panels, we will have your whole house covered and secured.

Here is some of the technology we use when installing a home security system:

Glass Break

Honeywell FG1625RFM Glass Break Sensor:

Glass Break Sensor

The Honeywell Glassbreak Detector is their latest in detectors that offers FlexCore signal processing. With FlexCore processing the detector lowers the event of a false alarm because it can tell the difference between breaking glass and other sharp noises such as knocking on the door, things being dropped, etc.

This detector requires a 1″ diameter hole to fit snuggly and securely into a drop ceiling or sheetrock. The detector can be tested by clapping your hands while it is in test mode. You can also select the sensitivity of it by adjusting two switches in the unit with a small screwdriver. This sensor can detect breaks in all types of glass including plate, tempered,laminated, and wired to name a few.

Motion Sensor

Honeywell Motion Sensor:

Motion Sensor

This new motion sensor features dual technology with built in Fresnel optics, a look down screen, cover and wall tampers and selectable pet immunity. With a dual technology device two separate areas must be triggered, passive infrared and microwave ranges, for the motion sensor to register an alarm condition. This will help to reduce false alarms from inanimate objects such as blowing curtains, yet still alert you to movement being engaged by a human subject. The pet immunity feature of this motion detector will help prevent false alarms from movement of any pet under 100 lbs.

Door/Window Contacts

Honeywell Magnetic Door and Window Contact:

Door Contact

The Honeywell 944T is a wired 3/8” diameter recessed door or window contact with screw terminals instead of leads. The 944T is ideal for all hardwired security systems and compatible with Honeywell’s VISTA series of wired alarm panels. Unlike surface mount contacts, the 944T is recessed into the door and door frame, or window and window frame.

Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000:


lynx touch 7000

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 7000 control system features a bright, 7″ full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features on-screen video, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control.

This panel comes complete with a Connect app that provides consumers with the ability to use an iOS or Android™ device to view video and operate the system on or off the premises.


Honeywell Total Connect:

For an added bonus and to get the absolute most out of your security system we recommend registering for Honeywell’s Total Connect service. Stay in the know wherever you go with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Real-time alerts, GPS vehicle and asset tracking, video viewing and mobile control put peace of mind in the palm of your hand – helping you stay connected to your family and home 24/7. Honeywell Total Connect is all you need to turn your smartphone into a smart home!


Please give us a call with any questions that you may have and let an expert guide you through designing your very own home security system!

Video Surveillance

Whether you are looking to protect your family or your home and property, a video surveillance system is a great way to go! Not only are cameras a great prevention tool but they are of course great at catching the perpetrator in the act. We offer camera packages with as few as 4 cameras, to as many as 16 cameras. It would be our pleasure to build a package to suit your needs. Now let us take a closer look at our camera brand of choice – LT Security.

LT Security has a plethora of cameras to choose from, to meet any need you may have. Our camera of choice is the 2 Megapixel Platinum Fixed Lens Turret IP Camera.

LT Security Camera

However, as always, we suggest speaking with us before making any kind of decision. We can also place the camera order and have them shipped to us to make for a stress free experience. This camera is easy to install, maintain, and comes compatible for live streaming anywhere you have internet access.

Give us a call today to discuss your home surveillance options!

Klipsch Speakers

Remember our blog post about home theater? Well lets get into that a little more and talk about speakers. Our brand of choice – Klipsch.


For the basic home theater, most people will pick up a simple sound bar. Perfect for those who are short on space or whose television sound just needs a little boost. But for those who have a little more room to work with and are looking to significantly increase their auditory experience, we recommend standing floor speakers.

Here is an example of a Klipsch floor standing speaker.

Standing Speaker

“Built upon the same technology and power as our RP-280F floorstanding speaker, but with an elevation channel integrated into the top of the speaker to reflect sound off the ceiling to deliver the overhead Dolby Atmos experience.” This hemisphere of sound creates the ultimate, lifelike home theater experience. Nothing even comes close.

These speakers are a little costly and will require other hardware, so before making any kind of purchase please feel free to give us a call and ask for our expertise.

Network Infrastructure

Is your office getting left behind in the fast paced changing world of network communications? If so, then rely on a professional to help you decide when it is time to upgrade your office’s network backbone.

Network infrastructure refers to the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network. Network infrastructure provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks/the Internet.

If you are looking for an upgrade or are planning a move, trust us to get the job done right for you the first time. We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to give you peace of mind and to know that everything is being handled properly. Thus, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best, manage your business. Give our professionals a call today to schedule a free consultation.

Automated Door Locks

In our last blog we discussed the advantages of home automation, so here in this article we thought it necessary to discuss some home automation products to help make your  life just that much easier.Why don’t we start from the outside and discuss some automated door locks.

Schlage – Our automated deadbolt and door lock of choice. Schlage locks are not only very elegant but quite easy to use. Schlage has made it simple for their customers to sync their product to multiple home automation phone apps as well as to use in person making it possible to lock and unlock your door from anywhere or even to automatically lock/unlock when you have reached a certain distance from your home. Schlage has many available products that range from digital keypads to lone deadbolts. No matter your need or preference we are here to help you choose and install your automated lock! For more information and a list of Schlage products, visit their official website.


Automating Your Home

Have you imagined what it would be like to have a fully or partially automated home? We are talking about more than just turning off your lights and adjusting the thermostat. Well now it is within your grasp! Smart home hubs and devices are becoming more affordable and more simplified each day. For many years, the technology just wasn’t friendly with each other, each Hub was programmed to only work with its own device. Now, with the help of Z-wave wireless technology, smart home hubs and wireless devices are more simple and affordable than ever! By downloading a single app on your phone, you can control everything from locking your front door to activating your alarm system from any where you have cell service. We would be more than happy to install any automation device that you wish as well as stay to train you on each device.

Give us a call today to learn more about the different ways that home automation can simplify your life!