Your cameras have been recording since you had them installed last month.You haven’t given it a second thought, until today that is. You have to search a months worth of video recordings for one specific event. Or do you? Now with the new Ella Intelligent Video Search Engine, this process has been simplified. Use the Ella Mobile App to search your security footage using a Google like search engine.

What Is Ella and How Does It Work

Ella is a new real-time Search Engine that augments surveillance systems with natural language search capabilities across recorded video footage. This system uses deep algorithmic learning tools to give any surveillance or security camera the ability to recognize objects,colors, people, vehicles, animals and more. Every nanosecond of video is now searchable instantly, letting users type in keywords like “white truck” to find every relevant clip instead of searching through hours of footage. Ella quite simply creates a Google for video.

The Ella Mobile App

The app features a dynamic but easy to use interface that acts like a simple search engine along with easy access to all your relevant video clips. Ella gives users the ability to vote clips up or down,helping the system get even smarter and customized for their preferences and ultimately will show them only things they really care about. The search feature works much like Google, prompting users as they type in letters through natural language process to find common words and search terms. The app also lets users view their live video feed. 

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