HD TV Lighting Tips From GreenLink Technologies Inc.

You have spent the last week (maybe even longer) researching your next television. Which brand has the best picture, the most vivid colors, and where to purchase the tv for the best price. Now that you have the perfect television selected, and you have hired GreenLink Technologies Inc. to mount it; lets make sure that you get the absolutely best from your new purchase!

What is HD TV Lighting?

HD TV LightingHD TV lighting or “Bias Lighting” as it is also referred to, is lighting that has been placed behind a television to increase the ambient light around the screen. This type of light helps to reduce the strains and fatigue of the viewer’s eyes.

How HD TV Lighting Works

Our eyes perceive gray to be darker and richer when seen against a lighter background and more washed out when seen against a dark background. Illuminate the wall behind your screen and the same contrast illusion takes effect: the grays and blacks on your screen will appear richer and the contrast will seem stronger between them and the surrounding area… many people adjust the values for brightness and contrast to higher levels in order to get the intensity of color and black contrast they desire. If the environment you’re watching the screen in already helps boost the contrast and creates a better looking image on the screen then you can turn the brightness back down.

Benefits of HD TV Lighting

  • Enhanced Contrast
  • Reduced Eye Strain
  • Darker, Richer Blacks
  • Purer Whites
  • Extended TV Life

Recommended Products

HD TV Lighting

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of HD TV lighting, (and you are interested in purchasing a lighting system) let us recommend a brand. Luminoodle is a brand of LED lighting strips that you can mount to the back of your television. Easy to order, and even easier to install; these lighting strips come highly recommended from previous purchasers. You can even get a 15% off coupon by using the promo code found in this article from Deals.Kinja.

Let’s Review

After spending time reading through reviews and doing your research, you want to get the best you can from your tv. So trust GreenLink Technologies Inc. to mount it and look into adding a HD TV lighting system. With the right lighting set up, you can enhance your television’s contrast, reduce your eye strain, and even extend the life of your tv.

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