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Take your fandom to another level with a home theater system


home theaterIt’s basketball season and March Madness is approaching quickly! Take your fandom to a whole nother level by creating a top of the line home theater system. Home theater projects can range from a simple project to an all out audiophile’s dream. A good example of a simple project would be to have us mount your TV, install a sound bar and install a subwoofer. This setup looks and sounds great and is all that some of our customers desire.

A good example of a larger project would be to have us design a 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 channel surround sound system in your home theater space. It starts with the TV. If you’re in the market for an LED TV, 4k TV or an HD projector, we can help you choose the right one for your space. Next up is the receiver. Choosing the right receiver for your needs is very important. We can provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to choose the right receiver to fully maximize the sound that you are looking for.

Then, there is the speakers. Our technicians are masters at getting cabling where you might think is not possible. Getting the right speaker in the right place is critical to achieving the full sound effects that a surround sound system is designed for. We sell top notch brands that will exceed your expectations every time. Finally, we can help you with lighting options and even theater style seating.

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