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Looking to start the construction of your brand new home?

Lately, we have seen a boom in construction of new houses. In this post we wanted to discuss your options when it comes to building your new home. When planning the construction of your new home, there are plenty of tough decisions to make.  The easiest of these decisions is hiring GreenLink Technologies to install a state of the art security, surveillance, and home theater system. We have had the great pleasure of working with general contractors to provide these services to new home owners. Being able to start the installation process at the beginning of construction guarantees all of our wiring and cable is hidden within the walls and ceiling resulting in a polished and clean final product.

Securing your new home with GreenLink

GreenLink security technology:

You are realizing your dream of not only owning your own home, but having it custom built. After all the planning and the money that you have invested why not protect your new home? GreenLink Technologies has a large number of security technology to choose from including; motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts, and state of the art control panels that are capable of syncing to a phone app.

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GreenLink video surveillance:

Now that you have the interior of your home secured, let’s discuss a state of the art video surveillance system. With cameras capable of digital zoom and motion activated recording that can be uploaded directly to cloud storage, no potential thief is safe from prosecution. Add to this the fact, all of our security cameras can be viewed on any internet connected device, you can have piece of mind no matter where you are. Make your home the safest in the neighborhood by combining home security technology with a new video surveillance system.

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Getting the most out of your sound system

GreenLink whole home audio systems:

The construction of your new home is the perfect time to have GreenLink install a brand new whole home audio system to enhance your television viewing experience. We have a multitude of speaker options to place in your new home, whether you want a free standing system or speakers that mount inside of the walls themselves, you can’t go wrong. We also have out door speakers for enjoying the outdoors while rocking out to your favorite artists. We also take the initiative to couple these systems with an audio receiver/amplifier that will make your home theater the talk of the neighborhood!

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Ready to build your new home?

GreenLink is happy to work with any construction company you plan on using for the construction of your new home.  Now that you know your new home can be secured, surveilled by top notch security cameras, and equipped with a sound system to make your neighbor’s jaw drop, all that is left is to give us a call! Skilled technicians are available to take your call and answer any questions you might still have.

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