GreenLink Technologies Inc. and your new home or business

So you’re building your dream home?

New Home

Looking to begin construction on your new home? You’ve picked out the window treatments, bathroom tile, and even brand of refrigerator. Now all that is left is to choose a security system to keep your family and brand new home protected. This is where we at GreenLink Technologies Inc. come in. With state of the art video surveillance cameras and home security equipment, we keep you protected inside and out.

Starting a new business?open

Just move into a new business space? You’ve done your market research, filed all of the proper paperwork, and moved all of your equipment. Now make sure you and your new space is secure. Now all that is left is to consult with GreenLink Technologies Inc. about a custom security and video surveillance system. Keep your new business safe and secure.

What Will You Need?

Surveillance Camera Technology

Watch over your new home with a state of the art security cameras system. These days, security cameras systems are becoming more and more affordable. Cameras are extremely effective at catching crime on video and prosecuting criminals. They are also equally as effective in preventing crime from happening. We will provide you with the expertise that you need to decide what system you need and, assess exactly where your home is at risk.

Video Surveillance Packages

Every home or business has its own unique video surveillance needs. Our qualified technicians will come to view your property, and discuss your surveillance needs. Once we have established what you are looking to cover via cameras, we will build a specific package built to best suit your needs.

Video Surveillance Cameras

new home construction

Our cameras come either in analog or IP and range in megapixel. For added reassurance all of our systems can be made to view from any web connected device. While you are out and about away from your new home you can login and take a peek at what is happening at your home. Our specially trained technicians will not leave until you have been trained on your new system and all of your questions answered. We will also gladly talk you through any questions or concerns you may have over the phone.

Home Security Technology

From glass break sensors to control panels, we will have your new house covered and secured. From door and glass break sensors to state of the art keypads GreenLink Technologies Inc. has all of the technology to keep your home totally secure.

Honeywell Keypad

new home construction

Honeywell keypads feature on-screen video, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, remote monitoring, and much MUCH more.These panels come complete with a Connect app that provides consumers with the ability to use an iOS or Android™ device to view video and operate the system on or off the premises.

Home Security Technology

From door and window contacts to glass break sensors, GreenLink Technologies Inc. has all the technology needed to secure your home or business. Door/window contacts* alarm you to unwanted break sensors alert you to broken glass. And motion sensors will tell you in which room the intruder is. Just like our video surveillance equipment, all of our home security equipment will be customized to suit your needs.

*Can be mounted on the surface or recessed into doorjambs and drywall


Request a quote.

Now that you know about the technology, let GreenLink Technologies give you an estimate. We will build a security and surveillance system to best suit your new home or new business. Give us a call or send us an email now!


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