GreenLink Security Cameras

Watch over your home or business with a security cameras system

security camerasWatch over your home with a state of the art security cameras system. Whether it is being used for your home or business, a security cameras system is a great way to add another element of security to your property. As effective as they are with catching crime on video and prosecuting criminals, they are as equally effective in preventing crime from happening and scaring away potential burglars or vandals.

These days, security cameras systems are becoming more and more affordable. However, if you decide to purchase a system from the local Big Box store, well, you get what you pay for. IP video surveillance and megapixel over analog technology is also very affordable and, is the future. We will provide you with the expertise that you need, to decide exactly what type of system that you need and, assess exactly where your home or business is most at risk.

Imagine being able to monitor your property from anywhere you have cell phone reception. Receive an alert text with video as your kids arrive from from school. Check in on your employees when you are out of the office. According to the U.S chamber of commerce, 75% of employees have stolen once, 50% will steal again, and the annual cost to a company’s bottom line due to employee theft is 30 billion. Video surveillance drastically reduces employee theft, that’s the bottom line. Contact us today to find out how working with us can benefit you. If you choose to use our services, we will offer a 100% money back guarantee if we fail to satisfy you. We will also provide a 1 year warranty on the installation and technology. Give us a call, and let us discuss your video surveillance needs!

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