Automated Door Locks

In our last blog we discussed the advantages of home automation, so here in this article we thought it necessary to discuss some home automation products to help make your  life just that much easier.Why don’t we start from the outside and discuss some automated door locks.

Schlage – Our automated deadbolt and door lock of choice. Schlage locks are not only very elegant but quite easy to use. Schlage has made it simple for their customers to sync their product to multiple home automation phone apps as well as to use in person making it possible to lock and unlock your door from anywhere or even to automatically lock/unlock when you have reached a certain distance from your home. Schlage has many available products that range from digital keypads to lone deadbolts. No matter your need or preference we are here to help you choose and install your automated lock! For more information and a list of Schlage products, visit their official website.