Creating the Ultimate Total Surveillance System

When looking to secure a large home or business property, running camera cable over long distances may not be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye or even feasible. Do not fret, GreenLink Technologies has the solution! In previous blogs we discussed the basics, benefits, and applications of; wireless antennas, wireless access points, and IP surveillance cameras. This blog discusses combining all of this technology into one super powered total surveillance system. First let’s discuss what each of these pieces of technology are and how they work and then we will put them all together.

Wi-fi antenna

total surveillance systemA point to point wireless internet antenna is used to beam wireless internet from one location to another using the internet you already have. This technology is great for sending your wireless internet across your property to another building, thus allowing you to have wireless internet using your existing network. With no limit as to how many antennas you can have on your network, these wireless antennas make for a great money saver!

It is important to note that this only works as long as the antennas are within line of sight of each other, meaning there is a clear and unobstructed line between antennas.

How does it work?

The process is actually quite simple. The first antenna is plugged directly into your internet router and placed outside of the building. The next location you are looking to have internet is then equipped with an antenna which receives the internet signal from the first. This antenna then distributes the wired or wireless internet signal through out the location. This process is then repeated as many times as needed until your whole property has internet coverage.

Wi-fi access point

total surveillance systemAn access point is a piece of equipment (as seen in the above picture) that connects directly to your internet router via an ethernet cable. The access point then broadcasts a wifi signal up to 600 ft from the location in which it is mounted! This technology is incredibly useful for homes and business with more than one floor.

How do they work?

An access point is placed in a location that does not receive or receives a weak signal from your current wireless router. An ethernet cable is then run between the two pieces of equipment with the access point beaming wireless internet from your router to the designated area. The internet being provided by the access point is the same as the internet coming from your router, it is just now accessible in other areas of your property.

Ip Cameras

honeywell platinum fixed lens cameraAn IP camera sends the video back to a web based server called an NVR (network video recorder). The camera itself is considered “smart”. Each camera is actually a miniature computer that can be programmed, or manipulated to perform certain functions at the camera level. It also has more zoom capabilities that enable a person to zoom into an object or event, while still recording the entire original view simultaneously. There are also IP cameras that are known as “de-centralized” IP cameras. This means that they have the ability to store data or footage within the camera on the camera’s hard drive. The footage can then be retrieved via any user that is given access to that camera on the network. Also, IP cameras operate on a single CAT5 or CAT6 twisted pair copper cable. Each pair within the 1 cable can provide video, 2-way data transmission and power.


Combining all devices into a total surveillance system

Now you ask how would we combine all of these devices to create a total surveillance system. Good question. When you have multiple locations needing video surveillance coverage but do not have wireless coverage in those areas, you will need a wi-fi antenna to beam your internet to these said locations. After the antennas have been set to send and receive a signal we will then connect the antenna to an access point via ethernet cable in order to broadcast a wireless signal to this location. After this we will place your IP camera in the desired location and connect it to your access point. Voila! You know have video surveillance coverage in an area that wasn’t possible before without having to run that ugly cable all the way back across your property!

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